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You are God in form

You are God in form

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by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
July 26, 2019

Once upon a time at an Ashram in India, a yogi grabbed my hands together and shook them solidly, saying, “You are God in form. You are God in form.”

A burst of energy from the bottom of my feet shot up through the top of my head. I felt giddy joy and vibrant aliveness from these five words born spontaneously out of the silence. I will never forget that moment, that yogi, that ashram, nor how I felt as the visceral recognition of Absolute Truth rearranged me.

You are God in form. Let that rearrange you.

Let it rearrange you in the sense of reprioritizing the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that have found a place to stay somewhere within your consciousness.  Energy congestion gathered over time dimming the Divine light of Truth which is ever available to you, and becomes more palpable when you notice it.

In your hour of need, in the moments when fear begins to consume your thoughts, if you can remember that you are God in form, it will rearrange you.

American New Thought writer, teacher, leader, and founder of the Centers for Spiritual Living movement, Ernest Holmes, observed, “There is a power for good in the universe that is greater than you are, and you can use it.” Yes, there is a power for good in the universe that is greater than your fear, and you can use it.  There is a power for good in the universe that is greater than your doubt, and you can use it.  Connect to this power, allow yourself to be guided by your Source.

In the process of spiritual awakening, there are times when the veil between human and Divine becomes so thin that you can feel and sense a merging with the whole of it. A mystical union where the line of individuality is dissipated by the everlasting light of your Divinity, your true essence. Oneness prevails, while you see others with your human eye, you recognize with your inner eye, or your spiritual eye, what the great Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi observed, “There are no others.”

You can experience more of those moments when the veil between human and Divine is thin as you loosen your mental grip on thought patterns and beliefs which do not serve your highest and greatest good. Thoughts of lack and limitation, which include feeling less than or not enough, lose their power. Feelings of doubt and worry are uninteresting and dimmed by the light of Truth.

A new understanding emerges amid your rearrangement by the recognition of the non-invertible Truth that you are God in form.  While you are not all that God is, all that you are is God.  You were made in the image and likeness of the Holy Spirit.  You are of God in the same sense that you are a product of your parents.

You are God in form.  Let that rearrange you.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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