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Themes, Topics & Books

Themes, Topics & Books

2021 Global Theme – Timeless Wisdom, Evolutionary Vision

July – Pulled by Vision
Context for Month: This month we take the opportunity to revisit our spiritual principles using them as a launching pad for a fuller expression of the Vision. We are pulled forward by the Vision and this is an opportunity to re-Vision, refine (get clearer), and recommit to the Vision. We explore more deeply how living from kingdom 3 consciousness (aka stage 3 of spiritual development) advances us toward more lived experiences of Freedom.

1. (7/4) Pulled by Vision: We Hold These Truths… (Independence Day)
Use the Declaration of Principles and Core Concepts (these truths that we hold in SOM) and explain how they support the Global Vision, the vision that is pulling us forward.
Musician: Faith Rivera

2. (7/11) Is Your Commitment Greater Than Your Resistance?
This is an opportunity to reevaluate our commitment to the Vision revealed to us earlier in the year. Where and how are we resisting the transformation? Are we willing to release it? We are invited to revisit our “why.” What are we willing to recommit to in order to advance in the direction of our Vision? We examine this from a personal perspective as well as an organizational perspective.
Musician: Amy Bishop

3. (7/18) Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow
Seek first the Kin-dom (kinship, communion) of God and all things shall be added unto you. Stage 2 (by us) is an important part of our spiritual evolution, and it has its limitations. When we free the mind of our “By-us bias” we move into stage 3 of spiritual development “through us.” So much more awaits us when we surrender and allow.
Musician: Mark Stanton Welch

4. (7/25) Stayed!
“I woke up this morning with my mind stayed on spirit!” Keeping our attention focused on our relationship with and as God throughout the day and throughout our lives transforms our experiences because our perspectives and perceptions of life are filtered through the lens of Truth, Love, and Oneness. It gives us the resilience and perseverance to meet whatever may come our way.
Musician: Amy Steinberg

Books of the month:
1. Can We Talk to God by Ernest Holmes
2. Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential by Michael Bernard Beckwith

August – A Pause for Guidance
Context for Month: The month of August invites us to pause for guidance, rest, rejuvenate and prepare for the next leg of our journey. We welcome joy, innovation, authenticity, vulnerability and the opportunity to evolve our thinking.

1. (8/1) Time for a Tune-up
It is time for a personal tune-up to ensure we are aligned with our life values so we may continue on our path whole and with joy. We consider being in alignment with our personal values of spirituality, relationships, time, health, and time.
Musician: Jami Lula

2. (8/8) A Playful Pause
Experience Divine Joy through creativity and relaxation.  Rediscover ways to all Spirit to play through you and as you.
Musician: Gary Lynn Floyd

3. (8/15) Sparking Imagination
Evoking curiosity we intuit new ways of being and integrate new practices that energize and expand our Divine presence in the world.
Musician: Robin Hackett

4. (8/22) G.P.S. – Guidance Positioning System
It is time to check our inner compass. Are we still on our path? Is something more seeking to be birthed through us?
Musician: Mark Stanton Welch

5. (8/29) Rise and Re-Emerge [SOAR]
The invitation this week is to rise and re-emerge through restoration, integration, self-care and evolution.
Musician: Laura Berman

Books of the month:
1. Meditations for Daily Use by Ernest Holmes
2. Self-Care Check-In: A Guided Journal to Build Healthy Habits and Devote Time to You by GG Renee Hill

September – Reaching Higher

Context for Month: In August we spent time resting, rejuvenating, and readying ourselves for the next ascent on our journey. We begin that ascent this month reaching higher toward a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the Universe, pushing past our comfort zones, using our understanding in innovative ways to advance us forward, while including and benefitting from the wisdom and experiences we’ve gained along the way. We rise.

1. (9/5) Reaching Higher
What is our growing edge personally and as a movement? How are we expanding our understanding and application of our principles to include the collective Good of the planet? How are we being called to reach higher and push past our comfort zone?

2. (9/12) Transcend and Include
The spiral dynamics model is an evolutionary spiral that expansively transcends and includes (ideally) the best of what has come before. We are called to transcend our old paradigms of being, and to rise including only those elements that are life-supporting and serve the evolution of our consciousness.

3. (9/19) When the Road Gets Rocky
When we push past our comfort zone, we are often faced with challenges to our old ways of being. Life can feel uncertain and our footing somewhat unstable. What are the Universal Truths we can lean into and deepen our understanding of to help us find our footing and new handholds for this part of our evolutionary journey?

4. (9/26) And Still I Rise
In spite of the discomfort and obstacles, we persevere and rise.  Perhaps, what is in the way is the way, and that we rise not in spite of our challenges and discomforts, but because of them. There is that within us that continues to call us forward and upward on our journey of awakening, that calls us to a greater understanding of ourselves, our relationship with the Self, our role and purpose in society.

Books of the month:
1. This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes
2. The Joy of Genius: The Next Step Beyond The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

October – Going Further Together
Context for Month: An African proverb reminds that “alone we can go faster, together we can go further.” As we near the end of our journey, we keep in mind the community that has brought us here. Together as Centers for Spiritual Living, we work in harmony with one another, other faiths, and other peoples to envision a continually expanding world. We dig into these truths for the final push of this climb.

1. (10/3 ) The Divine Community
Dr. Martin Luther King spoke often of the “Beloved Community,” a world in which all people share the wealth of the earth and violations of human decency are not tolerated. We see the future and our current station as an embodiment of this realization for all.

2. (10/10) Share the Dream
We are uniquely situated to foster a global community and a world that works for everyone, by sharing all the truths that we rely upon. Where in our individual lives, Centers, communities, and world can we embody hope and oneness?  Where can we invite others along for the journey in a way that is radically welcoming, loving, and inclusive?

3. (10/17) We > Me: Going Further Together
Ubuntu is a part of Zulu life philosophy meaning “I am because we are.” In community, we embody a gestalt of consciousness—a whole that is greater than the mere sum of its parts—and each individual is uplifted because of the support of the group.

4. (10/24) Dig Deep
Whatever you have left, bring it! We’re approaching the summit.  What tools, resources, and truths are at your disposal? What is inside you, pulling you to the top of the experience of life? As the journey of the year nears its peak and end, what did you lean on? What truths bolster you?

5. (10/31) I’ll Meet You There
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense.” – Rumi (via Coleman Barks) As we near the top of the mountain and prepare to pause, we remember that we are reaching toward an experience of Divine communion—with

our selves, one another, and Spirit.

Books of the month:
1. Living without Fear by Ernest Holmes
2. All About Love: Favorite Selections from In The Spirit on Living Fearlessly by Susan L. Taylor

November – Breathe in the View
Context for Month: In celebration of reaching our summit, we appreciate our view from a higher plane. In gratitude, we welcome the question, “What will our next journey reveal?”

1. (11/7) The View From Here
Living from a higher consciousness, we reflect the timeless wisdom of the journey and recognize this arrival is not the final destination of our spiritual evolution. We breathe in the view appreciating the expansiveness of our growth and development along the way.

2. (11/14) Seeing Beauty, Feeling Grace
We take another sacred pause to appreciate the beauty, grace and feeling tone of the presence of Spirit within. We recognize that each point along this journey has brought us beautifully to this place of awakened grace.

3. (11/21) Celebrating the Triumphant Journey
We appreciate, celebrate, and demonstrate the growth within as we arrive and move forward along the sacred continuum.

4. (11/28) Gratitude Beyond Gifts
Living in the mystical journey, we cultivate a deeper gratitude for that which is seen and unseen, heard and unheard, along our path of becoming.

Books of the month:
1. The Hidden Power of the Bible by Ernest Holmes
2. The Gratitude Formula: A 7-Step Success System to Create a Life that You Love by May McCarthy

December – Journey of Becoming
Context for Month: The journey comes to an end, but we know that is simply the beginning of another cycle and year. At each solstice is a stillness, a few days’ pause between the dwindling light and lengthening days to follow (or vice versa in the Southern Hemisphere). This is a time to sit and be with ourselves right where we are, listening to the still small voice as it speaks, giving ourselves over to the mystery.

1. (12/5) Surrender is Action [mid-Hanukkah]
Surrender is an active verb and requires a conscious choice to move from control into relaxing into the Order of the Divine. We surrender, not into chaos, but into Order. Surrendering further, we let go of all sense of separation and enter a state of conscious union (kingdom 4 consciousness/4th stage of spiritual development/as me) In the Hanukkah story, the oil lasted eight days after the Jewish people rebuilding their temple accepted that it would only last for one, but lit the lamp anyway. Rather than try to stretch the oil or otherwise impose their will, they let go into the reality of the situation, and miraculously found they had all they needed.

2. (12/12) The Joy of Becoming
In the stillness and surrender is time to pause, peruse, and plan the next descent and ascent moving from glory to glory as we take in what we have become through this journey. When learning a new skill or undertaking an adventure, a critical step is sitting at the plateau to assimilate and integrate our experiences before finding “what’s next.” In this quiet space is time for deepening, steeping in the experience… the joyful expectancy of knowing we still stand on the shoulders of those who came before and we are their dreams, fulfilled.

3. (12/19) The Gift of a New Journey
The sacred continuum cycles upward. What gifts do we offer as the expression of the greater yet-to-be? We greet It with joyful expectancy and awe, following our inner “Star of Wonder, Star of Light.”

4. (12/26) The Light of a New Dawn [Kwanzaa]
The current year fades into the new, as the night subtly yet suddenly becomes dawn. As visionary leaders… What dawn chorus sings for the next journey? What magic does the sunrise offer? How are we now called to fulfill the promise of the Vision? Hearts fill with gratitude and enthusiasm as the new day breaks, and we have a moment to collect ourselves before their journey continues.  In the United States, this is the first day of Kwanzaa, celebrating the principle of unity.  We remember our Divine unity with all peoples, all beings, and simply with All.

Books of the month:
1. The Voice Celestial by Ernest Holmes
2. The Wisdom Pattern by Richard Rohr