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Rev. Elizabeth Messages

A message from the Rev!

Greetings and infinite blessings,

I’m so grateful you’re a part of our family.  I wanted to provide some updates for you all about the Center…
The board of trustees has been working behind the scenes since April, visioning, dream weaving, brainstorming, and collaborating on the future of our center.  

Over the past year, we’ve expanded the ministry out into the virtual world to multiple states and countries.  We now have a dedicated group of virtual community members who regularly attend our online services, classes, and weekly Wednesday community connection calls.  At the same time, there’s a whole large group of you who have not attended due to the electronic nature of our meetings.  We miss you.

We also fully realized our vision for having a variety of musical talent, including such amazing new thought artists as Jami Lula, Gary Lynn Floyd, Amy Steinberg, Jesse Powers, Karen Drucker, Laura Berman, Faith Rivera, Amy Bishop, Eddie Watkins Jr., Robin Hackett, and Gina Sala.  Plus we were very fortunate to have our Central Coast superstars on the schedule, such as Mark Stanton Welch and Travis Hogue.  We have certainly all missed our regularly scheduled in-person superstars Laurelle Barnett and Jan & Nina – sending love and gratitude to and for them as well. 

As you can imagine, the board has been challenged with creating a new business model in support of the evolution of the Center.  We are riding the wave of transformation as we remain open to Spirit’s highest idea of Itself as Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living for our amazing music program, and how to include our virtual community with an equally awesome presence while building a new normal with in-person services so that we can all be together again.

Please join me in extending gratitude to Travis Hogue who has spent close to 100 hours (or more) working on the facility.  He visited the Center in April to inspect the building and met with contractors and landscapers for bids to help get our Center back to a safe and beautiful space for us to return.

We considered the possibility of selling the building which is a great idea, given the structural work needed for proper maintenance and care, and the ongoing time and attention required for maintaining a building structure.  We are hearing the deep call to stay focused on our ministry work rather than building maintenance. When faced with the question of where we would meet if the building were sold, the options were limited at the time of that consideration.   We found two potential meeting places in San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande and realized we would like a larger group of folks to help scout out potential locations in North County. (Call to action – anyone interested?)  We are still looking.

Thus, we remain open to possibility and have determined our best possible outcome at this time is to put our energy toward getting our current building in great condition for our safe return.  

Now is a good time to sell.  As a rapidly growing ministry, we’re on target to outgrow our sanctuary in the next six months.  Some are challenged with selling before knowing the next step.  My walk with Spirit has never failed me when I take the first step.  The path is always laid out before me after that initial step is taken and always reveals something more mighty and magnificent than I could have possibly imagined or planned myself because I have surrendered my way to the High Way – the Divine Idea – God’s highest idea of Itself.  I invite you to take this opportunity into prayerful consideration and let me know what comes up for you.  

Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for everyone who is helping to get our Center up and running again with beautification and technology to support our new business model.  Please join me in thanking Hallen Freitas who has already done extensive repairs and has a huge list of more to do. In addition to Travis and Hallen, BJ DeGirolamo, Gina DeGirolamo, Rev. Diann Davisson, Patty Malone, Jody Burton, Shannon McGee, Greta Meyers, Joy Kent, Donna Freeman, Lori Bergvall, Jim Peterson, and many others who have stepped into service to beautify our Center and create a safe, clean, and beautiful gathering place for us all.  If I missed your name on the list, please forgive my error and let me know.

It takes a village to maintain a building – thank you for being a part of our village.

In these exciting and interesting times of planning reopening, we have incurred a lot of unplanned expenses.  There has been so much to do with new technology, new tasks, cleanup, building maintenance, yard cleanup, yard maintenance, indoor cleaning, and implementing new protocols for safety.  Upon our initial investigation of the building after being away for more than one year, we found many urgently needed repairs.  Will you consider making a donation to help us raise funds and awareness for the Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living?  Your contribution will make an impact, whether you choose to donate $5 or $500.  Every little bit helps.  2021 is the year of our 45th anniversary as a Center and our fundraising goal for reopening is $5045. 

You can make your donation in one of the following ways with zero processing fees:

1. Facebook Fundraiser: 
2. PayPal Giving Fund:
3. Check made out to CCCSL mailed to:
    689 Crocker Street,
    Templeton, CA 93465

Our grand reopening is set for Sunday, July 11th.  Please plan to arrive by 9:30 AM to sign a waiver and pick up a badge that will signal to others your distancing preference.  Our reopening committee is ironing out the details and more information will be coming to you this week regarding mask protocol, etc.  There will be food, rock painting, and jolly good fun!

We are easing our way back into meeting in person with hybrid services and will hold such services at the Center in Templeton on these 4 Sundays:

July 11th & 25th
August 8th & 29th

All other services will be held online only.

Thank you for your time and we send our love out to you for a wonderful long weekend of family, connection, and love. I look forward to seeing you online this Sunday.  As ever, I remain…

Yours In Service,
Rev. Elizabeth Rowley Hogue,
Spiritual Director & Senior Minister