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by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
November 12, 2020

Every now and then, you hear or read something that transforms how you move through the world.

I remember sitting in a Landmark Education leadership program, listening attentively, eager to absorb all that was being said about learning to live and lead a powerful life.

At one point, the facilitator mentioned how restoring integrity to your word makes you unstoppable. The seventy other attendees in the room shouted back the word powerfully, “UNSTOPPABLE!” I felt a chill up my neck and the tingling of my arm hairs standing up. It’s moments like these that are unforgettable. I knew the visceral feeling this created in me would be a reference point in my future.

A few months later, I was teaching a class as an internship for Ministerial School. On the night of the first class, I taught the students to say UNSTOPPABLE in unison whenever they heard me say it. We practiced a few times, and it was easy and powerful.

It was unplanned, and when it happened, I had the same experience of a chill up my neck and the tingling of my arm hairs standing up. Everyone in the room felt it, and we all sat for a moment together, feeling the awe and power of being unstoppable.

A few ways to cultivate an unstoppable mindset in your life:

  • Be unwavering in your faith amid any undesirable conditions and circumstances you may face. 
  • Allow everyone, including yourself, to be transformed in your presence. Meaning that regardless of the person you met yesterday, allow that very same person to be created fresh and new before you today. Treat people as if you are meeting them for the first time, every day.
  • Take the mental energy spent on the story you have written about yourself and others and use it to create a world in which you would love to live. For example, the commentator, the judger, the complainer – who would you be without those voices? You would be free to create anything you want for yourself and your life powerfully.
  • Remember that whatever people say about you is not about you – it never is. It is about them. That includes the seeming good comments and the seeming bad comments. When you get this, you will be unmoved by either of them because you believe in yourself and are now unstoppable.

You are so in touch with your soul’s purpose on this planet that nothing can stop you from becoming who you came here to be. You allow your radiant light to shine brightly to all. You do not listen to the naysayers or negative nellies anymore.

Standing in harmony with Spirit, you are tuned in, tapped in, and connected. The path is laid out before you; you listen to your intuition and take action on the guidance received from your Highest Self, which is your Innermost Self, your God-Self – the Self within all selves.

You are unstoppable. UNSTOPPABLE!

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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