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by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
May 24, 2019

Dictionary.com defines transformation as a change in form, appearance, nature, or character.  A timeless example of transformation is the metamorphosis that the caterpillar undergoes to become a butterfly.

As soon as the egg hatches into a baby caterpillar it begins to feed on the nutrients it needs to grow, starting with eating the eggshell from which it hatched, then its host plant.  One day the caterpillar has eaten enough and hangs itself upside down from a twig or a leaf and spins a cocoon for protection as it goes through the next stage of its development.

Neatly wrapped in its cocoon, the caterpillar releases enzymes to dissolve its tissues, and all but a few groups of some highly organized cells remain.  It is now in a cosmic soup, neither a caterpillar nor a butterfly.  These groups of highly organized cells feed on the dissolved tissues to begin the formation of the butterfly.  Suddenly, one day, the butterfly is fully formed and emerges from the cocoon brand new, completely transformed.

In the same sense, your spiritual journey involves radical transformation as your consciousness of God expands.  It is written in the Bible that Jesus observed, “You have eyes but do not see; you have ears but do not hear.”  What he was saying was that the kingdom of heaven is within and all around you, but you do not see it because you are looking through the filter of your beliefs.  Those deeply held beliefs are preventing you from bearing witness to the mighty and magnificent kingdom of heaven in all its majesty and glory.  All of the love, joy, beauty, wisdom, harmony, bliss, abundance, and peace are already here now, and available to you, but you cannot see it.

Your spiritual transformation is the revelation of spirit beyond your history.  It’s not the best of your past coming into your future, rather an unprecedented revelation of wholeness, oneness, goodness, and love that you could not have imagined.  It emerges with beauty, grace, and radiant magnificence, just like the butterfly.  You begin to see and hear from a new understanding.  You no longer live your life with the filter of a default belief system, which was a product of your upbringing, based on societal and parental influences.

Be gentle and kind with yourself as you enter the cosmic soup of transformation.  Create a space for yourself that is nurturing and cozy.  Allow the thoughts and beliefs which no longer serve you or your highest good to be dissolved and disintegrated.  Something wonderful wants to emerge through, and as you, will you allow it?

Know that your wings are being prepared and soon you will take flight into your spiritual magnificence.  Your eyes are being made to see and your ears being made to hear all of the love, joy, beauty, wisdom, harmony, bliss, abundance, and peace that are available to you now.

May you be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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