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The Waiting Place

The Waiting Place

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by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
November 27, 2019

We’ve all experienced waiting, whether it be waiting for a plane, a bus, the mail, or an email.  Or waiting in line to pay, waiting for the coffee to brew, or the water to boil for tea.

Sometimes we’re waiting on mightier things, like getting the word about that job promotion or waiting to hear if the potential employer chose you.  Even more significant, waiting to hear back from the doctor about test results.

What do you do with yourself in those moments of waiting?  What monologue is occurring in the privacy of your mind?  Is it life-affirming, positive, and uplifting?  Or do your thoughts tend to go down the route of the worst-case scenario, or doom and gloom?

Regardless of the promotion, the new job, or the test results, it’s imperative that you like yourself amid your waiting.  The waiting will end, and whatever you’ve been waiting on will be what it will be.  Can you be gentle with yourself as you wait?  Gentle as one would be with a newborn baby child?  Can you wrap yourself in a blanket of love and know that God is with you right now and always?

Rather than allow impatience to consume you, consider the time of waiting as your opportunity to rest, just before things begin to pick up again.  You deserve this quality time of respite and rejuvenation.

When you pray, meditate, chant, do yoga, mudras, sing, or whatever your spiritual practice currently is, you are preparing yourself to receive.  You are making welcome all that you’ve been praying about.

Waiting is preparing.  It’s a great time to ask yourself: What’s trying to be activated in me at this time?  What belief is being embodied in me by me?

Let the waiting become a glorious, magnificent space of receptivity!  I’m reminded of an outfielder in baseball waiting for the batter to hit the ball to him.  How funny would it be if the outfielder started complaining about waiting and how tired he is of standing there.  He throws his glove down, and right at that moment, the batter hits the ball to him.  Unfortunately, he misses the catch because he wasn’t ready to receive it; he was too busy being impatient and complaining about waiting.  Then he must wait some more.

Live in a state of expecting your good.  Remember, the thoughts you focus on are making an impression in the quantum field of your reality.  What impression do you desire to leave?

To maintain a healthy attitude about waiting, remind yourself that you are being prepared to receive the great gifts that you’ve been praying over.  Take the time to rest and rejuvenate.  Know that everything is working out in Divine right order, in the right and perfect time.

Pretty soon, as Dr. Seuss wrote, “Somehow, you’ll escape all of that waiting and staying, you’ll find the bright places where boom bands are playing.”

Let the boom bands emerge.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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