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The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought

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by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
January 22, 2020

Welcome to KGOD, the world’s favorite station, broadcasting today’s highest consciousness to you live from Eternity, commercial-free – with everyone’s favorite DJ – GOD! YAY GOD: the Thing Itself that knows what you love and leads you to it. A special shout out to our sponsors: love, peace, joy, harmony, abundance, wisdom, compassion, and bliss.

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Today’s broadcast is brought to you by the Angels and the Cosmic Merry Maids of the Universe. Now don’t turn that dial, your celestial song is coming up next.

Warning – listening to this station for prolonged periods may lead to ecstatic joy, profound prosperity, sparkling light, overwhelming clarity, and the peace that passes human understanding. Listen at your own bliss!

What you’re thinking about right now is creating your future. We are each called to enter the nowness of the moment to harness the power of thought and use it for our personal and global transformation. What is the nowness of this moment? It’s beyond time, just back of past, present, and future.

You can practice entering the nowness of the moment today by making small changes. Take a different route to work, put your left shoe on first instead of your right, read something inspiring, say hi to five people you don’t know, tell a joke, meditate, pray, eat something new. These all trigger the brain to fire in an alternative way. Then observe. Observe how life is happening spontaneously, based on your awareness in the nowness of the moment.

You can practice using your thoughts to co-create in your life with a simple exercise, which I call Gucci parking. I call it Gucci parking because Gucci is a very high-end Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods. It’s the best of the best, the crème de la crème. Next time you head somewhere to find a parking space in which you previously had a difficult time finding one, repeat this mantra in your head or say it aloud: Gucci parking, Gucci parking, Gucci parking. Feel the joy bubble up at the sound of those words rolling off your tongue or reverberating through your mind. Release thoughts of doubt and disbelief immediately as they arise. As you pull into your Gucci parking space, thank the Universe for listening and responding. Revel in the victory of your use of the power of thought.  Practice to make your belief permanent and enjoy.

Thank you for tuning into KGOD – all Spirit, all the time – commercial free!

Keep tuning in to KGOD, and you will learn to accentuate the positive and let go of the negative, which leads to a successful, optimistic, happy, and fulfilled life.

Today’s broadcast was brought to you by the Angels and the Cosmic Merry Maids of the Universe. We hope you enjoyed hearing your celestial song of love, peace, joy, harmony, abundance, wisdom, compassion, and bliss.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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