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On Embracing Change

On Embracing Change

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by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
April 15, 2020

The only thing constant in life is change. We are taught this when we are very young by our elders to prepare us for the transient nature of life. Sometimes we choose to make changes, and sometimes we are the recipient of changes. I personally like being the chooser of the change the best, as it’s nice to have and know the plan. But what happens when the changes taking place occur without being of our choosing? This is what we are experiencing now as our human family navigates the pandemic of COVID-19.

Now is our opportunity to lean into God, to close the gap of separation by choosing what is, precisely as it is. You may not have chosen this to begin with, but by choosing it now, you are fully accepting what is, and liberation, unity, and wholeness are the result.  You may not like the situation you are in, but it is imperative that you like yourself in it.

What we are not taught at a very young age is that within us is the changeless – the eternal, formless nature of our being. The very essence of life itself is in me, you, and all, and it never, ever changes. It’s also always simultaneously existing everywhere. When I remember this Truth, it brings me joy, for I know that God is also the wave of change that I can lean into it and surf, knowing I’ll be alright.

God’s Presence is palpable during times of change, which makes them holy and reverent moments. Standing on the precipice of our magnificence, choosing what is in front of us in total acceptance, and without looking back, we become free to fly into our future.

I don’t believe we are isolating at home; I do believe we are in the cocoon of transformation.   We are in the cosmic soup of our metamorphosis, which is the place where the caterpillar breaks down entirely so that it might emerge as a glorious butterfly.

I don’t know what life will be like when we emerge from our cocoons.  I do know that the butterfly is not a caterpillar with wings, but an entirely new arrangement of cells in a brilliant form which the caterpillar could not have imagined.

Now is the time to lean toward the God of your understanding, just as tulips lean toward the light.

There is a tremendous rising up of community with sharing of resources and collaboration going on, which is unprecedented, and quite beautiful to witness.  Will you join me in making a note to remember this new way of being, and to carry it forward to the other side of the cocoon?

I believe committing to remember to carry this forward is a better strategy than hoping for it.  We are learning the tremendous good we as a human family are capable of, and it is powerful.  Stay strong in the Spirit, dear ones.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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