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No-one Gets Left Behind

No-one Gets Left Behind

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By Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
August 20, 2020

This week I received a download from Spirit for an acronym that’s quite fitting as we celebrate the diverse nature of all of God’s children.  The word is ohana. 

Ohana is a Hawaiian term meaning family.  To quote the Disney movie, Lilo and Stitch of 2002: “Ohana means family.  Family means no one gets left behind.”  In Hawaiian culture, ohana represents the idea that families — blood-related, adopted, or intentional — are bound together, and that family members are responsible for one another.  The human race is one big family, and we are responsible for one another.  No one gets left behind.

The acronym O.H.A.N.A. is defined as observe, honor, admire, notice, appreciate.  I’ve invited our community to use this acronym as we move through the world to help us see all of humanity as our ohana, our family, and leave no one behind.

Observe – to perceive and see the diverse nature of yourself and others.

Honor – to hold in high regard or esteem the qualities of yourself and others that are unique.

Admire – to recognize the worthiness of yourself and the worthiness of others as you regard and respect all of the unique qualities you are seeing. For this word, an image pops into my mind of a tiny little church in Kauai with towering, beautiful stained glass windows.  I remember I was on a family trip one year, and everyone was trying to get me to leave for the next fun adventure. So moved by the beauty of the stained glass that I asked for more time and if they might come back for me later.  I remember looking at the stained glass for quite some time, reveling in the intricate details, different colors, and the glorious magnificence of it.  Shifting my gaze to the room and floor around me, I noticed how the light came through the glass, creating patterns of light in other places.  It was stunning.  I felt deep admiration and respect.  This is the way to admire the diversity you see all around you.

Notice – to pay attention and become aware of what arises in you as you observe, honor, and admire the diversity surrounding you.

Appreciate – to recognize the full worth of yourself and others, the big picture, and the Source of all of life – our Creator – The Thing Itself, which birthed us into existence.

That’s o.h.a.n.a.  As you move through the world, I invite you to observe, honor, admire, notice, and appreciate the diversity of all things.

People, trees, flowers, clothes, music, dishes, cars, etc.  Take it all in and join me in giving thanks for the magnificent heterogeneity of all of life.

I’m so grateful for every individualized expression of the Divine. I appreciate all of the unique qualities and characteristics of myself and others.  We are one human family, equal, imperfect, and magnificent.  You are worthy of respect and love.

Ohana means family.  Family means no one gets left behind.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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