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Moments Of My High Resolve

Moments Of My High Resolve

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Moments of My High Resolve
by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
March 15, 2019

Do you ever get caught up in the minutiae of day to day tasks, getting wrapped up and concerned with unimportant issues or distractions, forgetting the truth of who you are and whom you came here to be?

African-American author, philosopher, theologian, educator, and civil rights leader Howard Thurman wrote, “Keep fresh before me the moments of my high resolve.”

I believe Howard Thurman was speaking of the mystical moments we experience in life: any moment where you felt the presence of Spirit so wholly, so entirely that you knew It was real.  Those moments when you were reminded of, remembered and recognized the Truth of your life when you understood on the deepest level, your inherent power, wisdom, and unconditional love.

In the moments of your high resolve, you experience a fullness of Spirit and life as you catch a glimpse of your mighty purpose on the planet.  You realize that there is something greater happening.  You cannot unknow what you know, and there’s no turning back.  Maybe you were lost once, but your moments of high resolve pull you back to the Truth as you are found again.  It’s like an alarm clock which you have set to wake yourself up from a dream of mediocrity.  Your moments of high resolve snap you back into the present moment, obliterating disbelief, doubt or fear.

These moments expand out and seem to defy time and space, appearing fuller than other moments in your life.  At the time of these moments, your entire being is lit up by the radiance of Truth.  You think you’ll never lose sight of a moment like this.

Then the moment slowly fades and retreats to the recesses of your mind as the repetitive tasks of your daily routine consume you.  We are called to remember these moments and keep them at the forefront of our minds.  The moments of your high resolve are like beacons of light guiding you back home to the Truth when the dark days come.

What are some of your moments of high resolve?  Maybe there was a time when you were on a retreat, and something opened or clicked into place causing you to remember.  Perhaps it was when your first prayer was answered, and you thought with great and firm recognition, that yes, there is a God.  It may have been the first sight of your newborn baby, or that time you traveled to a distant land and the beauty overcame you. Perhaps it was the first time you visited a spiritual center, a yoga or meditation class, a drum circle, or a health and fitness center.

Whatever it was for you, it was a moment of high resolve when you saw the light, and you knew the Truth, with unshakable faith and firmness.

Next time you find yourself caught up in the mundane, return to the moments of your high resolve.  Remember who you are.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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