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Let God Do the Work

Let God Do the Work

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by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
October 15, 2020

When I was a little girl, my parents owned a speed boat that my dad named Yellow Fever. It was sparkly yellow with pearl white and silver paint. My mom, dad, and brother took turns water skiing behind Yellow Fever, and they were great, even single skiing at times.

They tried to teach me how to water ski when I was seven years old, but I didn’t get it. They explained the process to me and would take off with me holding the rope, but I couldn’t stand up. I would go straight underwater while holding the rope! Their concern grew with each attempt, and after a few times, they decided not to pursue it.

Fast forward thirty years later, and I’m out on a boat with some good friends who were great water skiers. They asked me if I wanted to try it, and I told them I never learned how to ski and what happened to me the last time I tried. 

They seemed convinced they could teach me how to ski now, so I gave it a go. I got into the water and in position, holding the rope out in front of me, skis pointed up, knees slightly bent. I was ready and said, “ok, hit it!”

As the boat sped up, my excitement grew. I felt myself about to pop up and gave it some effort, then fell. The good news: I did let go of the rope. After a couple more eager attempts and failures, it was time to rest.

My turn came around again, and my friends paused to offer some guidance on the back of the boat. They explained that as I’m in the seated position, the boat will speed up, and I will feel it. At that time, I should remain in place and wait. They said my job was to stay in position, be ready, and the boat would pull me up. I was to let the boat do the work.

I jumped in the water with this new knowledge, ready to give it a try. I got into position, stayed in place, remembering to let the boat do the work, and I popped right up. I was so happy that it worked. I even teared up a little bit. The lesson was to get into position and let the boat do the work. 

Spiritually speaking, we are co-creating with the Divine, and our job is to get into position, stay in place, and let GOD do the work. You don’t have to make it happen; you do need to make it welcome. You make it welcome by getting into position. You get into position with your thought patterns by choosing the thoughts you will dwell upon to create the life you desire for yourself. Get your thinking right, and your actions will follow. Right thought naturally leads to right action.

Then, let God do the work.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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