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by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
March 8, 2019

There is a voice that does not use words – are you listening?

There is that within us that always knows the answer.  We know this from our own experience.  We can test it out.  If you have some problem or decision for which you are seeking an answer, you can go out and ask people what they think. When they give you their response, you’ll know internally whether that’s the right answer or not.

You might ask, what’s the answer, oh please tell me the answer?  One person may answer one way, and you think to yourself, no, that isn’t the answer.  Another person will respond another way, and no, that’s not it either.  The feedback doesn’t resonate with what you already know within you to be true.  Then you ask a third person who gives you an answer, and you feel it with every fiber of your being and say, aha that’s it!

There is a Divine Intelligence within you that holds the answer to your every question. You have direct access to this Divine Intelligence as you commune with your innermost self which is your highest Self.

Intuition is not an ability you need to create, develop or build.  Your task is to pay attention, to listen to your internal guidance, and then to act upon it.

Three years ago before I moved to the Central Coast, I visited my parents in Pismo Beach.  I discovered a hiking trail along the freeway after driving past it several times. I wanted to do this hike for a long time, and this was the trip I would do it.  I embarked out on the Ontario Ridge Trail from the Shell Beach Road trailhead which takes you directly up a very steep hill which I’ve named the quad buster.  It’s a tough one.

After a ninety-minute hike with stunning ocean views and beautiful weather, I started back down the trail. Having never hiked this path before, when I came to a fork, it wasn’t clear which way to go.  I stood there for a moment contemplating, looking around, thinking maybe there’s someone around who knows the way.  The path directly in front of me seemed to be the most obvious choice.  The other options were obscure with overgrowth of vegetation. I looked around a little more, then I looked down in contemplation, asking Spirit to guide me.

Suddenly I knew which way to go.  About two feet in front of me someone had created an arrow on the ground with rocks pointing to the correct path.  I would not have noticed the arrow had I not looked down.  I giggled in gratitude at the way the Divine showed up for me, as it always does.

Something compelled me to look down.  It was my intuition – my direct connection to the Divine Intelligence with me, which is Spirit.

There is a voice that does not use words – are you listening?

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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