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I Raise You and I Praise You in the Name of Love

I Raise You and I Praise You in the Name of Love

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By Rev. Elizabeth Rowley, Spiritual Director
November 30, 2018

Emma Curtis Hopkins, American spiritual author and leader involved in organizing the New Thought Movement, observed that “The quickest way to get one’s healing power going is to praise everything and everyone in your mind, and as far as your mental convictions will demonstrate promptly, speak these praises aloud.”

When you harbor resentment, anger or other negative feelings toward others, they are not affected by those feelings, but you are.  This negativity blocks you from experiencing your spiritual magnificence; the radiant sunlight of the Spirit within and all around you.

A simple practice that I use is to repeat the following mantra aloud, “I raise you and I praise you in the name of love.”  You might insert the name of a person after the word “you.” I raise you (insert name here), and I praise you (insert name here), in the name of love. In doing so you are mentally lifting those names up to the light, opening your heart, and freeing yourself from the bondage of negativity.

This practice is not condoning the behavior of others or giving them a free pass.  What you are doing is freeing yourself from the bondage of negativity, granting yourself the liberty to experience your life to the fullest.

Speaking these words aloud amplifies them and creates a vibration of love that you are sending out to the Universe.  Love creates healing within you and in the world.  Consider this practice as an opportunity to tune in to the vibration of love.

Guitar players adjust the strings of their guitar to a specific tuning.  They do this such that when they play, it will produce a sound which is pleasing to the ear. They are adjusting the frequency of the vibration speed of the strings to be in harmony with each other.  When the strings aren’t in harmony, the sound is wobbly.  When they are in harmony, the sound is smooth and steady.

Now you can do this for anyone who gets your goat to free yourself from the bondage of such negativity.  Rather than reacting with anger or upset, you now respond by raising and praising in the name of love.  Being tuned into love allows you to experience harmony as the smooth and steady impulse of your soul, leading to the prompt demonstration of what you truly and deeply desire for yourself and your life: the calling of your heart which is gently nudging you internally.

Always remember that everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve got.  December is a good time of year to uncover and release any old resentments such that you may enter the new year revealing your spiritual magnificence to a greater degree than ever before. You can do this by raising and praising everything and everyone in the name of love.

I raise you and I praise you in the name of love.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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