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Finding Your Good

Finding Your Good

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Finding Your Good
By Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
April 19, 2019

Remember when you were a young child and Easter was so thrilling because you knew there would be an Easter egg hunt? You also knew that without a doubt, there were some eggs hidden out there meant for you to find. Not to mention those eggs were filled with some great treasure especially for you. It just had to be something good. When given the green light to find the eggs, off you went, searching for your good with joyful anticipation.

As adults, we don’t participate in Easter egg hunts. As I contemplate them, I am filled with the same incredible energy as when I was a child. The thrill of knowing my good is here, and it’s already mine, it’s just a matter of me finding it. Just thinking about it creates a new vibration within me and I feel uplifted. Good and more good is mine.

I have adopted the habit of finding the good in my daily life. I always look for and expect to find it everywhere I go! In practicing this habit, I’ve discovered a multitude of ways that Spirit communicates with me. My life has been filled to overflowing with joy in finding messages from Spirit everywhere. It’s like a game of Divine hide-and-seek, and it’s the best game ever!

I might ask a question during my morning meditation practice then hear the answer in a song played on the radio on my way to the office. One time on a hike I came to a fork in the trail and I didn’t know which way to go as it was my first time hiking this trail. I paused and turned within asking Spirit to guide me. I was prompted to look down, and as I did so, I noticed some rocks on the ground shaped into an arrow which was pointing to the correct path to take.

I invite you to adopt finding the good in your daily life as a spiritual practice for the day, the week, the month, or however long you are called to do so. It is fun, and I believe that spiritual growth should be fun. There is good for you and you ought to have it.

It’s time to go out, or turn within, and find your good; it’s waiting for you. It’s here, and it’s there, it’s everywhere, just waiting for you to notice it.

American spiritual author and leader Emma Curtis Hopkins said, “There is good for me and I ought to have it.” As you move through your day, you might adopt a simple practice of repeating this mantra silently in your mind. While doing so, see if you can conjure up the same joyful anticipation you felt as when you were a child just before an Easter egg hunt. Thinking this mantra while feeling cheerfully expectant are sure to manifest the good you seek in your life.

Happy Easter dear friends!

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

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