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Monthly Archive May 2020

Set your mind free

by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
May 27, 2020

Today is May 27, 2020, and we’ve been sheltering at home for more than three months. Last Friday, San Luis Obispo County moved into a new stage, allowing restaurants and retail stores to open for business with safety parameters.

I visited a favorite local boutique and had a blast looking at clothes, observing people, and feeling free at last. I noticed that most people wore masks except for two or three who did not. I wondered what they might have been thinking to themselves and realized perhaps they forgot to bring their mask along. Rather than go into judgment, I also realized it was not my job to be concerned with others. It’s up to me to do my part and to be safe in the manner that I feel works best for me to protect myself and others. If I’m in a place that doesn’t feel safe, I shall promptly leave.

As we all begin to be slowly set free, let’s be sure to be diligent in keeping our minds free. Free from the need to be judgmental, that is.

In its most innocent form, judgment is more like discernment, such as when there is a need to decide or determine something. For example, when out hiking and you come to a fork in the trail. You need to make a judgment call on which path to take. That type of judgment is more of a discernment that is innocent and necessary.

The kind of judgment I’m speaking about liberating yourself from is more than drawing a conclusion or making a reckoning. It has negative, snappy energy attached to it, which is not in alignment with your highest and best self.

Friends, as we re-enter the world and see people not wearing masks, rather than condemning them, let’s bless them. Let’s raise and praise them in the name of love. This is one way to keep your mind free. It doesn’t serve you to get upset and express your disapproval.

When you are judging and condemning others, you are not loving. This harsh judging and condemnation is not something that affects the other person; it affects you and your consciousness. The following quote has been attributed to Buddha: “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Yes, you deserve your love and affection. You can distance yourself from others for as long as you need to while raising and praising them from afar.

One may think they do not ever condemn themselves. To be clear, when you judge or condemn another, you’re not doing anything to the other person. You’re doing something to yourself, within your consciousness, which means you are essentially condemning yourself.

The world needs your love right now. Unkink that hose of condemnation that is constricting your ability to be the free and full expression of love and light you came here to be.

Set your mind free.

And so it is.

Listen to your heart

By Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
May 13, 2020

To listen to your heart is to listen to the highest and best place within you.  It’s the seat of your soul, which is your direct line to Spirit.  It is the place within you that is pure, loving essence. I am not talking about listening to your feelings.  Your thoughts generate feelings which may be coming from your unhealed past, or other people.  Listen to your heart, which in this case, is a synonym for Spirit.

I believe that the love that lives within you is Divine Love. When you feel the love of, or feel love for your partner, parents, children, friends, etc., you are experiencing this love that lives within you. You are experiencing Spirit. It’s an irresistible cosmic force that comes from the deepest place in you. Let this love cast out fear. Allow yourself to live, move, and have your being in and from this love.

Our love is needed in the world now more than ever before. I invite you to take time each day to go within, turn up the love dial and send your love out to all you know, into your neighborhood, city, state, nation, overseas, the planet, the universe, multiverse, cosmos, and beyond the great beyond. There’s plenty to go around!

There’s an excellent gif out there with a happy yellow emoji surrounded by angry red emojis. The happy one in the middle puts up its little emoji hands to send good loving vibes out to all. The red emojis slowly turn into happy yellow emojis. Who you are in the world affects those around you. Be the shift in your own life today and in the presence of others by shining your light.  Be like that emoji, shining your magnificence out to all.

When you listen to your heart, the unhealthy traps of ego fall away. When the heart wants to say, “I love you,” ego may say, “I don’t know what to say,” out of fear of rejection, for example. Beyond all doubt, beyond any idea of right or wrong, aside from petty arguments, competitiveness, and feelings of unworthiness or shame, there is love.

One day many years ago, I was doing household chores. It was just an ordinary day. As I was moving from one room to the next, I heard the following words whispered in my head: “I love you. I love you. I love you.” It was my voice.

I stopped what I was doing and sat down on the floor to allow this love to wash over and through me. That was the moment I began to court the Divine. This soft voice of a gentle, loving Spirit within me altered my perception of the world back then, and it continues to change me, even today.

When I listen to my heart, I do not judge, compare, fear, lack, doubt, or worry, I love myself and you. Listen to your heart today.

And so it is.