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Monthly Archive June 2019

Divine Discontent

by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
June 28, 2019

Divine discontent is a dissatisfaction with the way things are.  Accompanied by a feeling of restlessness where something’s amiss, something’s askew, and you can’t quite put your finger on it.  Divine discontent occurs when you compare what you are to what you know you have the power to become. We all yearn for greater personal capacity.  Deep down, we know who we are.

In twelve step-programs, individuals are told they will only have to change one thing – everything.  These individuals are going to need a whole new set of friends.  The friends the twelve-stepper had before getting into the twelve-step program are those they formerly drank, used, overspent or overate with.  The twelve-stepper is going to need a whole new set of friends instead of those they partied with all the time.  It’s no longer a good fit, nor is it healthy for the twelve-stepper to be around.

Divine discontent doesn’t feel good, but it’s an essential aspect of your growth and evolution on this planet.  You are being called into your next greatest yet to be.  The new higher, freer, fuller, more expanded, and more fully self-expressed version of yourself is beckoning you.  You’re going to need to shed the old patterns and life strategies of the past.

This inner urging you have toward something new may be something which is defined, and it might not be.  The insistence will continue to grow, and unless you listen to it, the discontent will get worse.  When you feel Divine discontent, lean into God and the message you’re receiving as you pray for clarity and ask, what is my next step?  Ask God to guide you.  When you receive clarity and guidance, it’s time to take action.

When we don’t pay attention to the Divine discontent, pray for clarity, and then act, we are acted on.  Someone might describe it as being hit by a spiritual 2×4, or having the rug pulled out from under them.

I experienced Divine Discontent four years ago – I didn’t know what I would do next, but I knew I could no longer do what I was doing.  The inner urging continued until one small experience ignited the shift and realization within me that would propel me forward.   To be who I was called to be, I could no longer be who I currently was.  I surrendered everything.

I moved to Grover Beach, where I lived in my parent’s guest bedroom one mile from the beach for almost one year.  After five months of rest, prayer, healing, and connecting with the God of my understanding, I found a temp job and began to work again at the best job I’ve ever had.  Shortly after that, I was engaged to be married and became the Spiritual Director for the Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living in Templeton.

Lean into Divine discontent and ask for God’s guidance, then take action.  You’ll be amazed and delighted by what’s next.

And so it is.

Celebrate the wins of others

by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
June 21, 2019

A friend recently shared with me that she used to pray to make more money as she seemed to be at a plateau in her career. She looked deeply at what might be blocking her from increasing her income. It didn’t take long to uncover a hidden belief, which was a negative opinion she had of others who made a lot more money than she did.

Specifically, the belief was a deeply held judgment she had about her father. He made a lot of money, but from her perspective, he was unhappy, bitter, unkind, and unbearable to be around; and she did not want to be like that.  When she realized that the two were not mutually exclusive, that belief lost its power and dissolved, her career took off, and the money poured in abundantly.

As her happiness expanded, she realized that she was still the kind, friendly, and generous person she knew herself to be.   This reinforced her faith and trust in God, herself and what she thought might be true, which is that we live in an abundant universe and it is God’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom. There’s plenty to give and plenty to receive.

Sometimes we get caught up in our limited thoughts and beliefs from the past which have been placed there by society or family, or which we have formed for ourselves on our journey as we move through the world.

Perhaps you simply have a propensity for jealousy which unbeknownst to you until now, blocks your good.  Rather than feeling bummed about how magnificent others have it, or wishing it was you instead of them, celebrate the blessings they’re receiving.

Notice where you are judging others and what it is you’re judging about them.  These judgments are keys to the kingdom of heaven within.

The reality is that there is plenty to go around.  When others are experiencing a happy, abundant, and joyful life, it is proof that it is possible.  When you begin to think and believe that you live in a universe of abundance which includes a wealth of love, joy, peace, harmony, wisdom, bliss, and money too, you begin to experience this finished kingdom through which you walk.

If we are judging the financial success or any other success of others, we are putting out a vibrational frequency to the Universe that we do not want that. The same occurs with feelings of jealousy and envy. By celebrating the wins of others, we are feeling great and totally in our joy. Our vibration is leveled up, which creates an opening for the Universe to pour in our good.  We are saying to the Universe, wow, look at all that good he or she is experiencing, that is so cool, there is much good that is possible for everyone in this magnificent life.

Today I celebrate the wins of others. Wow, you rock! Congratulations! You’re amazing!

And so it is.

Do you want to be right or happy?

by Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
June 14, 2109

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?  Asking yourself this one simple question can save you time and energy that can be used to create what you deeply desire for yourself and your life.

Some of us were raised with the need always to be right, or maybe you know someone who is always right, or, at least they think they are.  Getting caught up in the need to be right has one pay off, which is that you get to be right.  The cost is very high if your single goal is to be right — loss of affinity, isolation, disempowerment, inauthenticity, and so on.

The need to be right usually occurs on an unconscious level and tends to dictate how you move through the world.  Once you become aware of this habit, which you likely picked up from your family, community, or society, it will no longer run you or your life.

With this new awareness, you now know what you didn’t know, and you can make a conscious choice between being right or being happy — being right results in temporary happiness.  True happiness comes from the deepest place within you as the result of your being satisfied with the finished kingdom through which you walk.  Living your life from an authentic, empowering, connected, and loving context is a much stronger foundation to move through the world with.

It takes practice.  As you slowly begin to loosen your mental grip on the need to be right, transformation occurs.  You’ll start to notice the areas in your life where you’re putting too much of your precious time, energy, and effort into making yourself right.

Without the need to be right, you have created freedom.  This freedom is the fertile ground for your mental and creative energy to imagine and breed greater possibilities in your life, rather than the mediocre satisfaction that comes with being right.

No longer are you a hamster running on the wheel of, “I need to be right,” wasting your one precious life.  You are now free to talk about your dreams, your ideas, your vision.  What do you love about your life as it is today?  What would you like to experience in your life?  Where have you been, and where are you headed?

The artist, musician, speaker, writer, philanthropist, or you name it which is within you and has been waiting to come bursting forth into existence through and as you now has an opportunity to do so.  Doesn’t this idea spark joy, and uplift you?  I believe it’s time to “Marie Kondo” your need to be right.  Time to release this energetic, mental usurper which is no longer serving your highest and best good.

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?  Choose happiness and be amazed at the transformation you experience for yourself and your life.

And so it is.

What do you really want?

By Rev. Elizabeth Rowley,
Spiritual Director
June 7, 2019

Have you ever made a terrible choice or been afraid?  Did you ever think you were making significant spiritual progress and then backslid into old thought patterns or behaviors which no longer serve you?  Have you ever wanted something in your life, really badly, and then got something completely different?  Alternatively, maybe you got precisely what you wanted, and then you wondered why you even wanted that in the first place?  Me neither!

I’m just kidding, this happens to everyone, it’s just that nobody talks about it openly.  Sometimes you outgrow what you thought you wanted or needed before it even shows up in your life.  Especially when it’s a specific form like a house or a relationship that you are desiring.

The good news is that your greatest yet to be is still on the way.  Even if you’re currently in the most excellent place in your life, as happy as you’ve ever been.  You are always evolving, learning, and growing into your radiant spiritual magnificence.

The Science of Mind teaches you to identify what you really want by asking yourself a series of questions as follows: What do I really want?  What form do I see this taking?  What specific experience do I desire from what I want?

Asking yourself these questions develops your skill in listening to your internal guide or inner voice, your highest wisdom Godself.  There is always a form or picture of what you want and an experience you are seeking from that picture of what you want.  The key is to place your prayerful emphasis on what you are seeking to experience.

As you uncover what it is you’re seeking to experience, or feel, you develop your inner awareness and become more conscious and awake to the God qualities existing within and all around you, always available, waiting for you to notice them.

For example, you may genuinely desire to get married or be in a long-term relationship.  Ask yourself what the experience is that you’re seeking to bring into your life?  It might be security, partnership, or love.  Then, as you begin to focus your prayer work on security, partnership, and love, you allow everything in that vibration come to you.  If that includes marriage or a long-term relationship, so be it!

The opportunities that you begin to become aware of in your life seem like new opportunities, but in reality, they were there all along, you weren’t seeing them because your focus was elsewhere.

When individuals come to me feeling unhappy, I ask them what they want.  They often don’t know or are unable to articulate it.  They are always very clear about what they don’t want, and usually, have a great story about that.  If you don’t know what you want, ask yourself those three questions to gain the clarity of what you’re truly seeking to experience in your life.  Make it welcome and enjoy your blessings.

And so it is.